Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sarita | 19 años, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

 Sarita | 19 años, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

My life was not nor is pink. Since never I had fallen in love with nobody. Me di account that when I was in elementary school I liked boys. But none not attracted to me until I moved from the city and another.

Until the first day of classes that already was in school with 15 years. From day one note that there was one guy all away from the course always only and each saw it the saw me. It was like a clash of perspectives. I was very cowardly to speak. Until I gave it has that I could not stop thinking about it.

So spend the time I di notice that the girls approached him to it and two of those were with him a long time and one of them was my friend. I never confessed that I liked. And loving someone who has girlfriend and is your friend hurts. Until they finished. Next year I realized that he and I agreed in the tastes and that, but he spoke very little until this year. That he and I we talked much.

Until me di account that he liked a girl of my course. A companion that I was at all. I was the best student and still me post but the other girl was younger scholar linda and that in order for it nurturer was perfect. And now turned to collapse everything. But each time he speaks I feel is not correct if I speak with him or agree with him in the future me leveled. So I cannot share anything with him. Each time that his girlfriend is not always is with me or we play and that but it is not right and I have a feeling that I will suffer this stress out of the school.

And I can't stand the fact that are together by the girl treats him badly and he is blind. You don't see that there was someone who admired him since that first day of school. And us if you expect something from it. Partly why hate it because their behaviour change since this with her. Not like it was before. And is the only guy that I liked and the first love never forgets. Why I feel so bad and horrible whenever you remember. At the moment I'm living it.

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