Thursday, July 21, 2016

Si me quieres ver sin nada, solo toca la foto | VIDEO

Si me quieres ver sin nada, solo toca la foto

What I want to tell is about which I now call my best friend. I was in the last primary and it came as almost finishing the year.

It was on February 16, two days after Valentine's day. We were talking about all kind of a project when the Director came with a new boy. It was very nice. I told you little even after I had to help him in a project. Me di account of that I loved. After some weeks it master us assigned new places and I wishing that I touch next to it and so was. We became very good friends and we even started to play several times and always agorando us. Me di account that I was in love.

Finished the year and went to first and there it saw few times. Several boys liked that year but he still loved that special child. Already almost finishing the year I discovered that he was leaving with an of my friends. It broke my heart but I accepted it. And whenever I looked at them together I was dying inside.

We went to second and they still left. And until one day my friend showed me a picture of them kissing and there is where one gave much that I loved him, because he noticed a deep sadness within me. At the end of that year they ended up because my friend was going to move city. And as soon as ended seems that was the destination, since now he and I are together all those days in the school in a program of tutoring.

But today is my best friend liked it. One day at her home he confessed that she was in love with him. All that time we were together those three. He and I always us were to a small room in the gym and apagábamos lights and began to play, to beat us and so, until one day we almost kissed us but went into my friend.

We went to third and gathered even more, I occasionally went to his house and I knew his parents. Fell to his dad very well but I do not think the same of her mother. Since not passing anything between us because I had my first boyfriend and appears to put him jealous since every day my boyfriend accompanied me to the bus and as "my best friend" and I lived near we went together in the truck.

When my boyfriend took me to wait for the truck, and if my "best friend" was there we interrupted and told my boyfriend that I should leave "playing" according to him, and when my boyfriend and I ended up after a few days told me he wanted to come back with him.

When I said my "best friend" what he thought about it he told me to come back not with him because he was an idiot. And asked me if I wanted really to and answered that I did not know. After all didn't with him and every time my "best friend" and waited for the truck my ex looked at us from afar and just smiled and hugged me and once gave me a big kiss on the cheek. It was so beautiful for me.

But still not passing anything, he had to his girlfriend and I me dying of jealousy and not stop crying, even after I cut my arms because I saw them kissing. When they finished she and I we became good friends. And with it we had us all and he told me that he still loved that girlfriend who had, which was my friend and moved.

I had my second boyfriend, he was not of that school, but looked at him in the box. My friend said to him about my boyfriend and he asked me if it was true. Told me that he did not believe that I would like to another and when told why it was just silent.

At the time I cut with my boyfriend and when I told him my "best friend" single was happy. And then the he walked with another and I was pretty jealous, and the problem is that I could not hide it. He knew of my jealousy and just laughed. When you cut with her he told me that he never loved her, it attracted him, but until then.

I'm feeling something very strong for him. And somehow I feel that it also. Now just play the role of "best friends who is celan" but in some future will wait it with love.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sarita | 19 años, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

 Sarita | 19 años, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

My life was not nor is pink. Since never I had fallen in love with nobody. Me di account that when I was in elementary school I liked boys. But none not attracted to me until I moved from the city and another.

Until the first day of classes that already was in school with 15 years. From day one note that there was one guy all away from the course always only and each saw it the saw me. It was like a clash of perspectives. I was very cowardly to speak. Until I gave it has that I could not stop thinking about it.

So spend the time I di notice that the girls approached him to it and two of those were with him a long time and one of them was my friend. I never confessed that I liked. And loving someone who has girlfriend and is your friend hurts. Until they finished. Next year I realized that he and I agreed in the tastes and that, but he spoke very little until this year. That he and I we talked much.

Until me di account that he liked a girl of my course. A companion that I was at all. I was the best student and still me post but the other girl was younger scholar linda and that in order for it nurturer was perfect. And now turned to collapse everything. But each time he speaks I feel is not correct if I speak with him or agree with him in the future me leveled. So I cannot share anything with him. Each time that his girlfriend is not always is with me or we play and that but it is not right and I have a feeling that I will suffer this stress out of the school.

And I can't stand the fact that are together by the girl treats him badly and he is blind. You don't see that there was someone who admired him since that first day of school. And us if you expect something from it. Partly why hate it because their behaviour change since this with her. Not like it was before. And is the only guy that I liked and the first love never forgets. Why I feel so bad and horrible whenever you remember. At the moment I'm living it.

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Sexy movimientos de cadera | VIDEO


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Insurance auto auctions

Classes and types of insurance

By the type of risk:

1 personal
2. materials
3. heritage

By the type of insured:

1 individuals
2 business

By the number of insured persons:

1. individual
2. collective
By the kind of risk:

1 singles
2. industrial

By the type of raw material:

1. temporary
2. annuities
3. unique
4. periodic

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Hone your plate! What is a balanced diet?

Everyone has heard that it should be a balanced diet. But do you really know what it means? In life and health, we want to give you some recommendations to make your diet we only be balanced but, in addition, tasty and healthy, which abound those foods that you love without missing all the nutrients that you need to feel better and live longer and better. Do you like the idea?

Eating is a pleasure and a need. Your body needs nutrients to be able to develop and function properly, but there are foods that when you eat them in excess can cause discomfort and diseases, but at the moment, in the long run.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

22 Años, Soltera y divertida | - OnLine -

The story I want to tell is how I met my girl, since I've always thought that it is a slightly different form of known...

Marta and I met in a nursing home. And we are not old men living a mature love, we are a young couple who "simply" was found in a very unusual place. Anyway, and even before this, I always thought that you can meet someone special where you least expect it you, as in this case...

Marta visited Tuesday to her grandmother who lived in the home, the same residence in which I had also to mine. I had never seen it until that day in which we agree on the elevator. I was surprised because in addition to being very pretty never had seen and was not very common to see young people out there...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hola tengo 21 años, Wpp: (57)310548****👇👇


Tengo 27 años soy de Colombia Wpp: (57)310548254👇👇
4 years ago I had a relationship to distance which is very unhappy, at the end of that relationship months later I was dating someone. He was a charismatic, tender as respectful person, it was all what it sought. It was with the only person which could be tender, loving that person finally woke up my sentimental side. Our relationship the first 6 months was the best in the world full of understanding, respect, values and love...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tengo 21 años, 👇👇Conoce mas de mi!👇👇

It was something inexplicable to what happened, I fell in love so fast it to us how to explain it...

It is something very sweet and tender at the same time, something like being in a trance (think that is being in love).

Monday, May 2, 2016


Some time ago I told the bitter story of Gabriel and I. That first love, failed love, that seed of love that could not grow. Today I want to tell you a reunion that turned out to be very sweet and sour.

After Ferdinand I didn't be the same, I say, no one returns to be equal after the first love, falling in love for the first time; I believe that no one returns to be the same after your heart ended up split into a thousand pieces.

Friday, April 29, 2016


If I had to define a word what was my relationship with Elena was madness. I met her just once she had ended a relationship of several years, was boring of all, had no enthusiasm for things and it was over quemadisima of that history. I had already a long single, had my stories, lived well, not going to far beyond anything, did not want commitments or ties. I knew girls, he spent it well and little else.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hola, Toca la Foto pa´ ver mas, que esperas!!

Hello, it is amazing how the gaps in a relationship can take you do really crazy things, especially to women, and as a smart man and a fan of "great detail" (which lacks many) can get you out of control unless you realize. However, that was exactly what happened to me to me.

I'm Fernanda, I'm 26 years old, and I was in dating relatively well for 7 years, with wedding plans, but does not know or like, or when or why, but it's over. It was difficult, but not as much as I thought, thanks to the presence of Jorge. To him, met it in October of the year 2013, opened a very interesting cultural Café and striking to my intellectual tastes, definitely go there gave me full satisfaction starting with the attention of Jorge, which although physically it is not an adonis, has a brain too provocative for my taste, a man very interesting and smart and not selfish when it comes to teaching. It should be noted, he has 43 years, major for me, Yes, I know it, but at that time he was not aware of that, because I never thought that I would get involved with it. Despite the jealousy of my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, now is now that I understand what was their fear, although we ended up for reasons unrelated, I I got involved with Jorge months before ending with Joseph, my ex.

Between talk and talk, the coffee was growing in its demand, and there was where I began to work with Jorge eventually, never spent anything, all a man, a gentleman, respectful, faithful to his girlfriend, which lives in another city and you see out there every month. She is divorced like he, she has two daughters, he does not, however, do not live together, their relationship called courtship. I am very outgoing, and have a silly habit which is the cause in some way to the men, saying things as well as that I am jealous, or in love, but joke and they know it, with no story sometimes is that I am a victim of my own invention and that I came with him.

We started to study together, parallel to this, started sharing scenarios outside of work, always drank coffee after class, and were going hours conversing of many topics, but always learning from him. By that time my relationship with Joseph started from bad to worse, he not returned me to play instead with Jorge, while we had never given us a kiss, we begin to feel desire one on the other, since he did I know when said me that it caused him and I would scare the day that pulled my blouse buttons; It was a supremely erotic moment for me, through their words. I clarify in this story that he had only had sex with Joseph, because both lost virginity together, and I was obsessed with experimenting with a second man. As well, the warning of Jorge was met, it was the day that kissed me for the first time, in the middle of a coffee plantation, with the bandmates in the main house, we went with the excuse to take photos, but I did not think he would dare to kiss me and touch me, because I always underestimated it and always believed he would not be able to take the risk. My boyfriend I did not touch, desire that ran through my body was impressive, and not only Jorge kissed me but that touched me, touched me in a way that my body reacted automatically giving to know that it was very pleased by his caresses, however, were not together because of my nervousness and obviously the lack of protection.

Days later I went to work, our friendship continued as if nothing, both mature, especially me I am much younger; coffee closed at 11 pm approximately and the scene was repeated, again without protection, but the third was lucky, among many doubts, mostly by him, we decided to be together, I decided that the outside my second man unless he knew it, he was very nervous, because according to him, not usually being unfaithful, he is not going with its principles , and the truth, I believe him, because it has proven me to be a proper man, however, could you your desire for me, and endorsed me for the first time, I couldn't believe it, my second time, was happy and even more so because it was with him, a smart man, simple, experienced, and special, a man of great small details. That took place in August 2014, and did not return to happen, I kept going to work, we were still talking, drinking coffee, but not intimately returned to happen, always had someone with us, his brother which

Days later I went to work, our friendship continued as if nothing, both mature, especially me I am much younger; coffee closed at 11 pm approximately and the scene was repeated, again without protection, but the third was lucky, among many doubts, mostly by him, we decided to be together, I decided that the outside my second man unless he knew it, he was very nervous, because according to him, not usually being unfaithful, he is not going with its principles , and the truth, I believe him, because it has proven me to be a proper man, however, could you your desire for me, and endorsed me for the first time, I couldn't believe it, my second time, was happy and even more so because it was with him, a smart man, simple, experienced, and special, a man of great small details. That took place in August 2014, and did not return to happen, I kept going to work, we were still talking, drinking coffee, but intimately did not return to happen, always had someone with us, his brother who works with us, or friends, or the bride, etc. Me, I had no boyfriend, (while of the mine, the it was theirs alone, and left me by his co-worker) it was difficult for me, but Jorge was the small light in that darkness, even if it was only for his friendship.

But things began to change, from one moment to another, our friendship became stronger, and we became great friends and companions, friends who are liked very much and when had small opportunities gave me a good dose of oral that left me breathless; Although comparisons are odious, Joseph was very shy in this regard, and almost not allowed to do him orally, nor much less to me. I wanted to evolve sexually with Joseph, but he preferred to stay behind and that still even hurts me. However Jorge is an obsessed by providing pleasure and drink from my source, which is well generous when he gives me a finger over and returning to the topic, the only thing that happened was oral among us. It was 4 months into abstinence, meanwhile, his gaze toward my changed, became more transparent, more natural, I can say that I can see you soul when I look, communication grew more, we are a complement in the work, in the Studio, in friendship, everything would indicate that we are the one to the other, but we later got to know us.

In November the opportunity came again, this time a second time we were together, it was wonderful, the third, definitely is a very special man, one of the most beautiful experiences I've had, but I am afraid, his girlfriend has now returned for Christmas, I saw only to arrive, and I work the other week with them two, I don't know how I'm going to feel I don't want to fall in love with him, I feel that it attracts me too, but I don't want to feel love, because it is too with the disappointment I had with Jose. His girlfriend think that she is older than him, but she is a very arrogant, I don't know how a person as it can be with a woman It is dominant, superficial, and he is a madman, artist pint, perhaps because it is; now is when I start I feel frustrated, as a friend, as a person, as lover is the best, obviously with their defects, intend less to what idealize it, but it is such which would have preferred a man for me, but it is impossible, it is a love behind the scenes and feel that he wants me to, that there is something more than, rather than friendship, there is something more that you define what , it was my second time (now you know it and has surprised, feel honoured) where I could experience the pleasure in its pure State, without sentimentality, where an old has fulfilled the duty to fully satisfy a colicuada, as he tells me. Now I feel that it is the beginning of the end. It hurts, because I want to continue feeling good, intelligent, required, important, but this must end, and more so now that is it here. It has just arrived, and I do not see the hour that is going again so that this colicuada go running to his arms again.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tocandome un ratito para ti | Video

My love story begins in 1985, was 13 years old, and attended high school. One morning was beginning of year school, at recess I went to cantina and it was there where I saw this beautiful girl, beautiful, slender, with a great hairstyle and a scent that I never forget, simply can not forget it. At the turn I was speechless, it was not breathing, time had stopped, I heard no noise to my I was around, so a few minutes which to me was an eternity. It was there when I said to myself, this girl should be for me.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hello, I'd like to give me advice and is that I feel very confused. When he was 13 years old and entering high school I fell in love with the guy most beautiful salon, all they liked but I spend something different to what one of them, it is that he sat next to me and from the first moment that met him I began to feel many things for him, and I didn't know what that meant so intense that I spent with him , and was because never I had fallen in love with anyone more.

And thus they were passing the days until I discovered it. He approached me and he stared at me in the eyes and laughed with me, everything was so beautiful, he always told me that I fell very well and was the best of all, whenever we did an activity at school the said I was that I had that I was the best , once told me that if I wanted to he would be my Knight for my quince, but nothing in that year, happened the following year the already not continued studying there, I felt bad that the he was not and still is always saw it still was not the same as having it always on my side.

The following year the returned to that school but was no longer the same as before, the single saw me and smiled with me but from afar, the worst thing was that my best friend was his girlfriend and she knew that he liked me too and yet was his girlfriend, and what hurt me most was that she came and told me everything he told her , I was not saying it me by annoy me because as she was his girlfriend just to get revenge on him, and that day in which they became bride and groom a few hours before the made me believe that I liked it and even told me that I someday would be his girlfriend.

Last year everything was worse because I felt that he wanted it more and more, but the worst thing was that you I could realize that he is not what seems to be and my best friend told me and many other people I like I wanted it never manage to see what he was. And when you confirm it for myself I felt the world was me crumbling. And there is another guy who told his mother to tell him to mine that I liked and that if she gave him permission to conquer me, but I don't feel anything for it and it's the opposite to other East is formal and takes things very seriously while my great love is crazy and does what it pleases , but continuing with the other that says that I want, when I see not laughs with me only passes long and sees me sideways, he says that he does not dare to speak to me but I think that when we want someone we do everything that this little person note that we exist and are pleased it with everything what you ask for.

But he didn't do anything and already is almost a year. While the other when you are by my side even tries to make me laugh and laugh with me, I'm very confused do not be to do I feel like I'm going to be alone with no one, and shocked I see that the others are and I don't... What do I do!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Te reto a que toques mis pompas jajaj 👇🏼👇🏼

When I told my "best friend" what he thought about it told me not to come back with him because he was an idiot. And he asked me if she really wanted and I said I did not know. After all, I did not go back with him and every time my "best friend" and hoped the truck my ex was watching us from afar and just smiled and hugged me and once gave me a big kiss on the cheek. It was so beautiful to me.

While I cut with my boyfriend and when I told my "best friend" just got happy. And then he went to another and I was quite jealous, and the problem is that I could not hide. He realized my jealousy and just laughed. When he cut her told me never loved, only attracted him, but no more.

This they want to tell is about now I call my best friend. I was last primary and he came almost finishing the year.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dicen que soy buena bailando Que opinan Ustedes?


There is fire in the heart ...

in the minds and hands that caress without touching

slip perceived sensations on the skin,

in a lilting sleep pants without stopping,

Saturday, April 2, 2016


The forex market is the international currency market. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange market. It is the world's largest, with a volume of over 4 trillion dollars daily business financial market. To understand what this means turnover, it is what can move the New York Stock Exchange (the largest in the world) in a stock all month.

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Mira como se toca y termina|VIDEO

👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦
👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦
👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦
👙🍸🍹  💦💦🏊💦💦


My first love was as in most cases the first love of my life drama, because the first love is lived with a lot of intensity and can sometimes succeed but many more platonic than anything else ...

Both had about 15 years and went to class together, I liked very much that boy forever, although we had never talked much. Until that year and they were seated next to me was amazing pass close to him for so long ... The classes were more fun and exciting than ever.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pool Day... besitos, quien saluda...

My name Arlote, I have 19 years and I'm already married. My story began when I met my husband Frank Chuy, who did not live in the same city as me. We met at church, I look and I liked it, just the way I look and like each other, but that day he did not dare to speak.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bonita noche... Agrega y Hablamos un rato.

Tu que opinas...

I did not think I would find the love of my years but has appeared someone special in my life. It is called Antonio and we met in a bar where we usually go to dance on weekends. I am 58 years old and am a widow, and he is 66 and divorced many years ago. We like dancing and groups of friends we used to find in that bar, one day we started talking, I started to dance, we laugh, it was good, but the truth that since my husband never died I've noticed anyone, and that my children encourage me to it, but no.

But he was different, we were seeing at the bar and came a very beautiful friendship, were staying midweek for a walk and drink, and inorder to dance, I I told my friends and they all deluded, I did not want to get my hopes up because I was really scared, did not know what he felt or what he thought, my friends told me that if left both me was something that certainly felt the same, but it is very complicated, I felt more and silly, flirt at my age! But he made it very easy, treated me like a queen and made me feel special. One day we were dancing and told me he wanted me, I was in love with me and wanted to be with me forever. It was the most beautiful moment of my life, who I was going to say to me! We took a kiss and since then everything has been wonderful and special, we have started a very nice relationship, our children and friends are super-happy because we look so good, we are calm and happy, you never know when something will happen good, always when you least expect it.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Y si te beso en la boca.... 💋💋


I met him in a chat, a boy who was too extroverted and funny, we became good friends by Messenger, until contact was wrong several friends, for which I finished attracted by a friend who stopped him and balls. Barely had 13 or 14 years pure innocence, I remember the good friendship we created, he sent me a very nice email when I turned my 15 years. He was a good friend who had a kilometers away, across the country.

In late 2009 he was bigger with 19, had love problems did not want to know anything about men, I liked at that time was a jerk in all its expression and one that loved not seen him but as a friend but he took it wrong, was having bad days, I started enfrascar in the Messenger to relieve tension, it was late, I remember, when he connected and greeted me as friendly as always, time did not know him. We spent one night talking and reminiscing. He described that moment as I felt electricity for the keyboard that attracted me to you, as when opposites attract.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Se acerca viernes y mi cuerpo lo sabe...👇👇👇

Yo conocí a un chico llamado Alex, él fue muy lindo conmigo, empezamos a ser novios y poco después llegaron chismes a mis oídos que Alex tenía otra novia y que a mí solo me estaba utilizando, yo se lo dije a él y le pedí la verdad y sólo me dijo que eso era mentira pues yo ya lo empezaba a querer de verdad y le creía todo lo que me decía pero cuando intenté dejarlo me dijo te amo y yo no pude resistir, lo besé y me alegré tanto que no pensé más en terminarlo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

rico pa´ rico...

Every step when the secondary begins. I was with a boy were happy was my first boyfriend. Until one day I became friends with a guy bigger than me, we took a year and half. I saw him as a friend and he was in love with me and I did not know. We talked on the phone every night. For hours and hours I told him my stuff and theirs, but I never said that I looked cute. My friends knew I did not. I saw him every morning at school we were always together at recess he knew I had a boyfriend but did not care.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hola quiero conocer amigos... sigueme

Fue en el 16 de febrero, dos días después de San Valentín. Estábamos hablando toda la clase sobre un proyecto cuando entró la directora con un muchacho nuevo. Era muy lindo. Yo le hablaba poquito incluso una vez me tocó ayudarlo en un proyecto. Me di cuenta de que me encantaba. Después de unas semanas la maestra nos asignó nuevos lugares y yo deseando que me tocara junto a él y así fue. Nos hicimos muy amigos e incluso nos poníamos a jugar varias veces y siempre agorándonos. Me di cuenta que me había enamorado.

Friday, February 26, 2016

A lo largo de toda mi infancia y adolescencia había tenido éxito en la vida en todos los aspectos menos en el amor, lo que hizo que realmente perdiera la fe de encontrar un amor verdadero que me llenara, pero eso cambió cuando de una tragedia surgió lo más bello de mi vida…

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola quien me acompaña en la playa..!!

Today crossed my mind, the idea of ​​writing our history, our journey, at least for a few months and our story begins:

One day my cousin writes me whatsapp and tells me he wants to go to the pool at the clubhouse, I agree and plan the day and invite two of my friends, the day came, it was in the month of November, we went and got the club hope my cousin and we were sitting there waiting for a supposed friend was missing to come, waited a long time and still did not arrive, Junior (my cousin), decided to call it despair in us, I call and told him he was already step a while and finally came, not notice or do not remember there even greeted, we only went to the pool, we had cravings for bathing, we moved and got a bathing suit and went out to get us to the pool when we were inside, I could see the boy, which my cousin had introduced him as '' Mini '' was a bit isolated without talking to anyone, sitting on the edge of the pool.

Si me quieres ver sin nada solo entra y te espero.👇👇

Llega esa solicitud de amistad tan esperada en Facebook…

A love that comes without being expected? If a person if he knew, but did not see a long time ... One person sometime just met at a birthday of someone who barely knew. It was that person you know that yes, without knowing the reason but without knowing it will be in your future, sometime ... Why? Because maybe it's a coincidence or maybe it's the right person to be part of it, of you, of your life, who knows ... No?
Time passes and ... we just met again after so long ... An unexpected reunion for friends in common ...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tengo 20 años y busco amigos... Agregame.


That they want to tell is about now I call my best friend. Finally I was in primary and he came almost finishing the year.

It was on February 16, two days after Valentine's Day. We were talking the whole class on a project when the director came in with a new boy. It was very cute. I spoke little even once touched me help on a project. I realized that I loved. After a few weeks the teacher assigned us new places and wanting me to play with him and it was. We became friends and we even put them play several times and always agorándonos. I realized I was in love.

A little more about me ... click below kisses my love.

The year ending was quite profitable for Mariluz Bermudez Costa Rican actress, who for 6 years lies in Ciudad de Mexico. This was not only for participation in its fifth telenovela with Televisa, Lying to live, but because her breath to millions of readers of the Mexican men's magazine M, which is very popular in that country and the United States .

The policy was also front and 39 internal to herself devoured pages, showing their heart-stopping curves in a very sensual session, but attention to detail.

The results of this exhibition, which has more plans in this 2014 will be counted Viva, taking advantage of his visit to Costa Rica.

How to describe, in the workplace, the year closed?

Very Good, they achieved many goals and many things happened that I did not expect. The novel I recorded (Lying to live) in what my character and paste it took (she played the villain Marilú Tapia), and the surprise of some projects and others took to come became.

One of those surprises was out at the men's magazine H of Mexico, how summarizes the experience and if it cost him to accept?

Cuantos en Casita | Disfrutame 👆🏼👇🏼

Latinas are recognized worldwide for their particular characteristics. But what distinguishes us Latinas? From cultural events such as the passion for dancing to the undeniable beauty of the Latin body.

Latino and beauty

It has always been said that a Latin body is the body that has a pronounced hip. The image of America is usually associated with sensuality, generous curves, long hair and neat and hair and skin color darker than Caucasian women may have. In general, they are also lower than women of other races, matching with Asian.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


he flower called WomanIt's like springnot expected to bloom,best days to arrive;all full of colors,flourishing his chimera.He has music in his soulIt is feminine and strong,even facing deathrises courageous,on a rainy eveningIt gives sun to welcome you.He has great wisdomIt comprising all at once,leaves the world more radiant;In his days he is marking,takes the star shinefor all the walkers.Always it seems tirelesshis mood never ends,It seems divine essencepeace love and tenderness;triumphant seeksIt is a flower that sprouts!

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Cuando se piensa en una mujer latina seguramente se piensa en curvas, hermosura y sensualidad, pero todo lo que envuelve a una mujer latina va realmente arraigado en su raíz, puesto que su esencia está determinada por su forma de ser, su tenacidad para enfrentar la vida y su buen corazón.
Mujer latina que se respete es caracterizada por su carisma y su forma de relacionarse. Por lo general, las mujeres latinas son cariñosas y alegres, son las personas que siempre tratan de encontrarle el lado positivo a cualquier situación. Son seres completamente entregados a sus familias y sus hijos y que convierten a esta misma en su prioridad frente a cualquier otra cosa.

Así mismo una mujer latina es simpática, tiene un movimiento de caderas único y tiene la habilidad de alegrar cualquier fiesta. Sin embargo, esta no es su única cualidad, una mujer latina es firme y consigue todo lo que se propone a pesar que a veces posponga todo simplemente por sus prioridades.

ps mira yo eh estado en 2 paises diferentes al mio en Latinoamerica y ahora ando en un pais europeo¡¡
y las comparaciones que puedo hacer es que cada mujer es diferente en cada region o pais de la misma America Latina pero acomparacion de las europeas y otros continentes considero que las latinoamericanas somos mas :
-somos alegres siempre tratamos de mirar el lado positivo bueno aunq las cosas no esten para chistes.
-somos mas entregadas ala familia y a nuestro hogar bueno esto considero q es en todos los paises y una madre puede hasta robar,prostituirse,trabajar las horas que haga falta con tal que su hij@ tenga un techo y un pan para comar.
-sumisas y tambien un defecto que eh visto estando en Spain es que -somos dependientes de sus maridos y sumidas al machismo que hay en toda America Latina¡¡.
-nobleza y simpatia nunca no nos falta.
el baile y el movimiento de las caderas y piernas es un gran don cual todas creo que tenemos.
en factor habemos de todo morenitas,flaquitas,altas,gorditas,norma... pero el verdadero color de una mujer latina es el ¡¡moreno con unas buenas caderas y piernas,etc y esto te lo digo x que asi nos ven o por lo menos si le preguntas a un español como nos ve o q es lo primero q imagina cuando dicen soy latina es eso¡¡

-dicen que somos ardientes y muy buenas en la cama jeje¡¡
- y tambien tenemos la fama de tener muchos hijos te doy un ejemplo donde ahora vivo las personas le preguntan a mi mama ¿cuantos hijos tiene? y ella les responde 2 y se sorprenden en su respuesta ya que se creen que todas las mujeres tienen 3 o 4 o 5 hijos y hasta mas¡¡
-ps en belleza las mujeres latinas creo que ocupan un gran lugar en este puesto ya que ps en solo ver el miss universo y de preguntarnos cuantas miss universo han sido latinas y mas q todo venezolanas y las del caribe creo q tienen esa fama pero en todos los paises latinos.
-y ps algo que ultimamente se esta viendo es que la mujer Latinoamericana ahora esta empesando a subir de escalas hay muchas mujeres que esta en la politica hasta presidentas,funcionarias,senadoras,etc que ahora ya empesamos a dejar el tipico ejemplo que nuestras abuelas nos han dado y hasta madres que solo nos ocupemos del hogar e hijos y ser pendiente del marido,creo q ahora ya queremos y por mas tener una carrera,profesion y sentirnos utiles desempañondo nuestra labor y la vocasion por la cual tanto hemos luchado aunq creo q cuando una ya debe de ser madre quiere estar todo el tiempo con su pequeño y no dejarlo en guarderias pero creo y considero q es un cambio para bien ya que de esta manera no estamos tan dependiente del esposo y podemos ser libres.

bueno yo veo estas caracteristicas de nosotras las mujeres Latinas en la sociedad donde eh vivido y en los paises en los cuales eh estado pude hacer diferencias entre nosotras y las otras mujeres de otros continentes bueno x lo menos de como somos mis amigas y yo a las demas mujeres aunq yo apenas tengo 19 años y no soy ni madre ni nada hay veces q tenemos muchos topicos referente a los hijos de ser madres muy jovenes a mi me mas de uno me a preguntado x mi hijo jejeje el cual no existe ni siquiera esta en proyecto.

Cuántas horas debes dormir según tu edad.

Dormir bien afecta directamente al rendimiento de las personas. Un descanso adecuado se traduce en un mejor desempeño de las labores profesionales, mientras que el hecho de no haber dormido bien puede provocar errores y fallos muy perjudiciales para cualquier profesional.

Aunque muchos de nosotros somos conscientes de esto, pocos priorizan las horas de sueño y es que después de una larga jornada laboral, también nos gusta pasar tiempo con la familia, prepararse académicamente, salir de compras, acabar proyectos estancados o salir con los amigos, según recoge RPP Noticias.

Por eso debemos programar y establecer horarios que permitan realizar todas estas actividades sin perjudicar las horas de sueño. Pero cada edad demanda una cantidad de horas de sueño específica, y por eso la National Sleep Foundation ha dado a conocer las horas necesarias de sueño en función de cada edad.

- Recién nacidos (0-3 meses): Deben dormir entre 14 y 17 horas al día, el mínimo aceptable es de 11 horas y sobrepasar las 18 horas diarias no es recomendable.

- Bebés (4-11 meses): Lo recomendable es que duerman entre 12 y 15 horas diarias, aunque también es aceptable unas 10 u 11 horas, pero nunca más de 18 horas.

- Niños pequeños (1-2 años):Ellos necesitan dormir entre 11 y 14 horas al día. Menos de 9 o más de 15 no es aconsejable.

- Niños preescolares (3-5):Lo correcto sería que duerman entre entre 10 y 13 horas. Si duermen menos de 7 o más de 12 horas es porque algo no anda bien.

- Niños en edad escolar (6-13): Entre 9 y 11 horas.

- Adolescentes (14-17): Ellos necesitan dormir entre 10 y 9 horas.

- Adultos jóvenes (18 a 25): Lo sano es dormir entre 7 y 9 horas diarias, pero nunca menos de 6 ni más de 11.

- Adultos (26-64): En esta etapa de la vida lo ideal es dormir entre 7 y 9 horas, aunque por factores externos no siempre se logra, por ello hay que hacer siesta de vez en cuando.

- Mayores 65 años:Lo saludable es dormir entre 7 y 8 horas al día.

Friday, February 19, 2016

3 remedios caseros para deshacerte del acné esta misma semana

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El acné es un problema que nos afecta a todos… no importa la edad, todos somos propensos a tener brotes acnéicos.
Según una investigación de los Laboratorios L’Oreal para su línea Normaderm de Vichy, 60% de las mexicanas tenemos piel grasa, esta es la primera fase antes de que se presente un brote de acné.
Y seguro todas se saben de memoria las principales causas del acné: estrés, hormonas, mala alimentación, falta de higiene y genética.
Con la genética no podemos hacer nada y afecta de manera directa a nuestro juego de hormonas, pero los demás factores los podemos controlar.
Sugerencia de la Tienda Windows

1. Vapor para abrir los poros

Según la Dra. Adriana Aguilar, dermatóloga, la segunda fase del acné son los poros dilatados o comedones abiertos. Es justo el punto en el que nuestros poros absorben la suciedad del ambiente y la aprisionan, guardando también la bacteria del acné.
De aquí la importancia de limpiar a profundidad los poros y el primer paso es permitir que se abran.
El tratamiento
Pon agua a hervir y sírvela en un tazón. Pon tu cara arriba y colócate una toalla encima para crear el vapor. Déjala así durante 5 minutos, luego enjuaga tu rostro con agua tibia, luego agua fría y aplica un hidratante.
Repite el tratamiento 3 veces por semana.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2. Limpia con limón

El limón es uno de los mejores desinfectantes naturales que tenemos… Es excelente para eliminar malos olores y claro, bacterias incrustadas en nuestra piel. Sólo debemos tener cuidado porque el limón, expuesto al sol, mancha, así que háganlo siempre por las noches y asegúrense de retirar todo rastro de cítrico.
El tratamiento
En un tazón pequeño exprime el jugo de un limón. Con un algodón húmedo toma un poco de jugo y aplícalo en la zona más afectada. Enjuaga con abundante agua tibia.
Repite 1 vez por semana, siempre por la noche.

3. Mascarilla de huevo con miel

Una mascarilla perfecta para tratar la piel con acné o exceso de grasa.
El tratamiento
Licúa la clara de un huevo hasta que se espese, luego agrega una cucharada de miel y mezcla. Aplica sobre tu rostro dejándola descansar 20 minutos, luego enjuaga con agua tibia y aplica un hidratante.
Repite una vez a la semana.