Monday, February 22, 2016

Si me quieres ver sin nada solo entra y te espero.👇👇

Llega esa solicitud de amistad tan esperada en Facebook…

A love that comes without being expected? If a person if he knew, but did not see a long time ... One person sometime just met at a birthday of someone who barely knew. It was that person you know that yes, without knowing the reason but without knowing it will be in your future, sometime ... Why? Because maybe it's a coincidence or maybe it's the right person to be part of it, of you, of your life, who knows ... No?
Time passes and ... we just met again after so long ... An unexpected reunion for friends in common ...

That kind of reunion that you know that person know her, happened while but you chords, maybe not so much what happened, but in his face, in his way, that something called your attention but did not know ... it's there, then when I got nervous, would not come out the words, wanted to look at but looked the other way, perhaps out of embarrassment, nerves or simply because they do not know what to say ... I just watched and laughed with if he knew, to disarm the tension, so to speak ...
Laughter and words between them, it was a time that inadvertently we were alone, almost alone, not knowing what to talk about with nerves ... This is where only looked askance, wanting to look seriously to tell him that I liked who only smile I was trembling, whose gaze I blushed, with him around my heart racing ... how to say, no? If he could not meet his eyes by nerves ... Among looks, he speaks to me ... asking me if I remembered him? Nerve to answer or did not know how, I just said not so much ... If I remember but it was true that not so much, not at all. It was an evening with friends where we had a good !!!

I got home thinking only of him, in his eyes, in his voice, his smile ... comes the long-awaited friend request in Facebook, who ?? Yes, it ... My heart raced, both smiling inadvertently. We talk, a nice conversation, where it is expected more than friendship ... In short, we speak many days and wanted to see us ... It was a night, a beautiful night, I'll never forget ... Why? Because I was trembling soul only see ... sure they wonder what happened, right? They owe imagine ... We made love, yes. It was beautiful, memorable, I felt I had ever ever felt and what I will never feel if not with him ... It's beautiful to feel that it will not be just one night, but it will be for a long time, hopefully forever ... step time that we were, at night, in the afternoon, beautiful day ... all unforgettable.
Arrives today in which we are together ... Yes, together, as I expected from this reunion. We are one, one person ... We have thousands of fights, but many obstacles still together despite everything because we are fighting for us, for us to endure for a long time ... Why? Because we are deeply and madly in love, at least I do, and I know it too ... I know. With love we have fought every day, between smiles and tears but it makes us stronger ... Now I wonder, this reunion will be a chance? Something of fate? ... I do not know, but if it is a coincidence, is the most beautiful accident that was me and I may have missed in life. It is a love that I want to last forever, a love that is worth ... that never ends. I just fell in love, without limits, because every day I fall more ... And today I say that I just love, for as it is, how to love me, the way I get affection for her affection, because it's there, forever, without moving ... Yes, it is a love that is worth keeping forever ... Yes, fOREVER !!!

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