Thursday, July 21, 2016

Si me quieres ver sin nada, solo toca la foto | VIDEO

Si me quieres ver sin nada, solo toca la foto

What I want to tell is about which I now call my best friend. I was in the last primary and it came as almost finishing the year.

It was on February 16, two days after Valentine's day. We were talking about all kind of a project when the Director came with a new boy. It was very nice. I told you little even after I had to help him in a project. Me di account of that I loved. After some weeks it master us assigned new places and I wishing that I touch next to it and so was. We became very good friends and we even started to play several times and always agorando us. Me di account that I was in love.

Finished the year and went to first and there it saw few times. Several boys liked that year but he still loved that special child. Already almost finishing the year I discovered that he was leaving with an of my friends. It broke my heart but I accepted it. And whenever I looked at them together I was dying inside.

We went to second and they still left. And until one day my friend showed me a picture of them kissing and there is where one gave much that I loved him, because he noticed a deep sadness within me. At the end of that year they ended up because my friend was going to move city. And as soon as ended seems that was the destination, since now he and I are together all those days in the school in a program of tutoring.

But today is my best friend liked it. One day at her home he confessed that she was in love with him. All that time we were together those three. He and I always us were to a small room in the gym and apagรกbamos lights and began to play, to beat us and so, until one day we almost kissed us but went into my friend.

We went to third and gathered even more, I occasionally went to his house and I knew his parents. Fell to his dad very well but I do not think the same of her mother. Since not passing anything between us because I had my first boyfriend and appears to put him jealous since every day my boyfriend accompanied me to the bus and as "my best friend" and I lived near we went together in the truck.

When my boyfriend took me to wait for the truck, and if my "best friend" was there we interrupted and told my boyfriend that I should leave "playing" according to him, and when my boyfriend and I ended up after a few days told me he wanted to come back with him.

When I said my "best friend" what he thought about it he told me to come back not with him because he was an idiot. And asked me if I wanted really to and answered that I did not know. After all didn't with him and every time my "best friend" and waited for the truck my ex looked at us from afar and just smiled and hugged me and once gave me a big kiss on the cheek. It was so beautiful for me.

But still not passing anything, he had to his girlfriend and I me dying of jealousy and not stop crying, even after I cut my arms because I saw them kissing. When they finished she and I we became good friends. And with it we had us all and he told me that he still loved that girlfriend who had, which was my friend and moved.

I had my second boyfriend, he was not of that school, but looked at him in the box. My friend said to him about my boyfriend and he asked me if it was true. Told me that he did not believe that I would like to another and when told why it was just silent.

At the time I cut with my boyfriend and when I told him my "best friend" single was happy. And then the he walked with another and I was pretty jealous, and the problem is that I could not hide it. He knew of my jealousy and just laughed. When you cut with her he told me that he never loved her, it attracted him, but until then.

I'm feeling something very strong for him. And somehow I feel that it also. Now just play the role of "best friends who is celan" but in some future will wait it with love.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sarita | 19 aรฑos, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

 Sarita | 19 aรฑos, de Colombia, Agrega. Besos.

My life was not nor is pink. Since never I had fallen in love with nobody. Me di account that when I was in elementary school I liked boys. But none not attracted to me until I moved from the city and another.

Until the first day of classes that already was in school with 15 years. From day one note that there was one guy all away from the course always only and each saw it the saw me. It was like a clash of perspectives. I was very cowardly to speak. Until I gave it has that I could not stop thinking about it.

So spend the time I di notice that the girls approached him to it and two of those were with him a long time and one of them was my friend. I never confessed that I liked. And loving someone who has girlfriend and is your friend hurts. Until they finished. Next year I realized that he and I agreed in the tastes and that, but he spoke very little until this year. That he and I we talked much.

Until me di account that he liked a girl of my course. A companion that I was at all. I was the best student and still me post but the other girl was younger scholar linda and that in order for it nurturer was perfect. And now turned to collapse everything. But each time he speaks I feel is not correct if I speak with him or agree with him in the future me leveled. So I cannot share anything with him. Each time that his girlfriend is not always is with me or we play and that but it is not right and I have a feeling that I will suffer this stress out of the school.

And I can't stand the fact that are together by the girl treats him badly and he is blind. You don't see that there was someone who admired him since that first day of school. And us if you expect something from it. Partly why hate it because their behaviour change since this with her. Not like it was before. And is the only guy that I liked and the first love never forgets. Why I feel so bad and horrible whenever you remember. At the moment I'm living it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sexy movimientos de cadera | VIDEO


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Insurance auto auctions

Classes and types of insurance

By the type of risk:

1 personal
2. materials
3. heritage

By the type of insured:

1 individuals
2 business

By the number of insured persons:

1. individual
2. collective
By the kind of risk:

1 singles
2. industrial

By the type of raw material:

1. temporary
2. annuities
3. unique
4. periodic

Monday, May 16, 2016


Hone your plate! What is a balanced diet?

Everyone has heard that it should be a balanced diet. But do you really know what it means? In life and health, we want to give you some recommendations to make your diet we only be balanced but, in addition, tasty and healthy, which abound those foods that you love without missing all the nutrients that you need to feel better and live longer and better. Do you like the idea?

Eating is a pleasure and a need. Your body needs nutrients to be able to develop and function properly, but there are foods that when you eat them in excess can cause discomfort and diseases, but at the moment, in the long run.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

22 Aรฑos, Soltera y divertida | - OnLine -

The story I want to tell is how I met my girl, since I've always thought that it is a slightly different form of known...

Marta and I met in a nursing home. And we are not old men living a mature love, we are a young couple who "simply" was found in a very unusual place. Anyway, and even before this, I always thought that you can meet someone special where you least expect it you, as in this case...

Marta visited Tuesday to her grandmother who lived in the home, the same residence in which I had also to mine. I had never seen it until that day in which we agree on the elevator. I was surprised because in addition to being very pretty never had seen and was not very common to see young people out there...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hola tengo 21 aรฑos, Wpp: (57)310548****๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


Tengo 27 aรฑos soy de Colombia Wpp: (57)310548254๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡
4 years ago I had a relationship to distance which is very unhappy, at the end of that relationship months later I was dating someone. He was a charismatic, tender as respectful person, it was all what it sought. It was with the only person which could be tender, loving that person finally woke up my sentimental side. Our relationship the first 6 months was the best in the world full of understanding, respect, values and love...