Monday, April 25, 2016

Tocandome un ratito para ti | Video

My love story begins in 1985, was 13 years old, and attended high school. One morning was beginning of year school, at recess I went to cantina and it was there where I saw this beautiful girl, beautiful, slender, with a great hairstyle and a scent that I never forget, simply can not forget it. At the turn I was speechless, it was not breathing, time had stopped, I heard no noise to my I was around, so a few minutes which to me was an eternity. It was there when I said to myself, this girl should be for me.

The days passed and I watched it, I did not dare to approach for fear of rejection, but he saw that all the guys wanted to come too, so that was my big push to go up and introduce myself to this beauty. So it was, I went, and I introduced myself, there was a minute's silence, I offered him a chocolate, my heart beat heavily, I was nervous. She accepted it graciously, the weeks following spent it together in the recess, so one day I could not stand, took her by the hand, looked at her staring, and expressed you my feelings with a declaration of love, which was rejected immediately, didn't know what to do, was the first time that this happened, to what tartamudeando said that it was well to follow friends, although the truth, didn't want to see it by grief and rage of not having accepted my proposal. That day was a funeral for me, had no hunger or sleep, didn't want to talk to anyone, I could not remove from my head the image and aroma of as cute girl, to my surprise, the next morning, just at the end of classes, I said yes... we went to walk holding hands, ate chocolate and gave us a beautiful Kiss , never forget, chocolate with its perfume and its heat, had me crazy.

Over the months, not sparing to demonstrate the affection we had for the other, were the popular couple in school, I was 13 and she 11, so several people and teachers not seemed appropriate, despite the fact that we always respected the school and public spaces.

Approached the end of the school year, I went to say goodbye for the summer with my girl, which received a large bath of cold water, the father of my bride for that time they had cited it to the address and was informed of our courtship, to which he is enraged and decided to remove her daughter from school, without giving us the opportunity of the last goodbye... It was very painful, he could not go home because the situation there was very tense, she wasn't going to mine because I was afraid, then had no phone in my house, nor had cell phones, so communication was almost non-existent, until one day I got a letter, it was her, which told me that he had to go to another school and we would not see more I enfurecí too and sent him another letter offensive and somewhat immature, which is now that I look at it as well, and they don't know how much I regret.

I did not see more to this girl, had several relationships with other girls but nothing was the same, always had and will have this huge gap. Three years passed and I was a student at another school, one day I was walking near it, and surprise, I went to see, I couldn't believe it, was different, it was no longer the same, but my hope and joy to see again left those details aside, is she studying at a school which was next to mine his dad was not already living near her and had more freedom, so much that I was not pleased, we returned to be boyfriends, but things were never or similar to the first, which ended in a short time this second opportunity that gave us life, she was still very hurt with me and I had any kind of damages. Not I went to see for many years, I entered the University, but his memory I persecuted tirelessly.

One day I was walking in the center of the city and when he went for a corner I ran head-on with her sister, was shocking that meeting, because this sister was too small when we became boyfriends for the first time what I exclaimed "Hello cunadito, how are you", you answered the same way, of course I asked him by his sister, he informed me that at that time it was in the city , that they were living there, my joy was great, because he had contact, called her on the phone, and we made an appointment.

That day of the event was very special from the beginning to the end, I got new clothes and I did not realize that a button of the shirt was loose, so uploading to look it up in your home, just to open the door to me, a button has been dropped me, the beautiful girl was a beautiful woman, who was also studying at the University She see so woeful situation, very kindly took me shirt and hit the button.

After a brief welcome and a cup of coffee, we start our great appointment, we were in a taxi because for the time he had no vehicle, I felt that it was my first time with it, it was the same which I I fell in love, but mature version,

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