Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dicen que soy buena bailando Que opinan Ustedes?


There is fire in the heart ...

in the minds and hands that caress without touching

slip perceived sensations on the skin,

in a lilting sleep pants without stopping,

There is warmth in the atmosphere and freshness in feeling

is a raging wave coming and going ... it's turbulence .... is .... frenzy is desire ....

It is feeling ... is erupting volcano,

is the cry of pleasure, it is sad, it is joy,

is compendium of bitterness and singing of beautiful birds,

in the cold decline an evening without morning,

the beginning without an end,

is strident and amazing sound that tells you ... there it is .... is yours .... how huge and fleeting,

beautiful and radiant skin how lonely, there are no secrets .... deliveries .... there are silences .... no regrets .... there are loves that are not ... there Vanities who feel there is coldness in a few hands, there is a coldness in feet, maybe ice in the soul and a constant eternal winter and reduces batterer, which surrounds and imprisons, which stagnates and prevail, which no longer wants to go ... and there is excitement in my feel, there is fire in my heart, and pleasure in my ways, no passion in what I say, what I think, in what I write, what I feel, no desire to live ...!

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