Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hello, I'd like to give me advice and is that I feel very confused. When he was 13 years old and entering high school I fell in love with the guy most beautiful salon, all they liked but I spend something different to what one of them, it is that he sat next to me and from the first moment that met him I began to feel many things for him, and I didn't know what that meant so intense that I spent with him , and was because never I had fallen in love with anyone more.

And thus they were passing the days until I discovered it. He approached me and he stared at me in the eyes and laughed with me, everything was so beautiful, he always told me that I fell very well and was the best of all, whenever we did an activity at school the said I was that I had that I was the best , once told me that if I wanted to he would be my Knight for my quince, but nothing in that year, happened the following year the already not continued studying there, I felt bad that the he was not and still is always saw it still was not the same as having it always on my side.

The following year the returned to that school but was no longer the same as before, the single saw me and smiled with me but from afar, the worst thing was that my best friend was his girlfriend and she knew that he liked me too and yet was his girlfriend, and what hurt me most was that she came and told me everything he told her , I was not saying it me by annoy me because as she was his girlfriend just to get revenge on him, and that day in which they became bride and groom a few hours before the made me believe that I liked it and even told me that I someday would be his girlfriend.

Last year everything was worse because I felt that he wanted it more and more, but the worst thing was that you I could realize that he is not what seems to be and my best friend told me and many other people I like I wanted it never manage to see what he was. And when you confirm it for myself I felt the world was me crumbling. And there is another guy who told his mother to tell him to mine that I liked and that if she gave him permission to conquer me, but I don't feel anything for it and it's the opposite to other East is formal and takes things very seriously while my great love is crazy and does what it pleases , but continuing with the other that says that I want, when I see not laughs with me only passes long and sees me sideways, he says that he does not dare to speak to me but I think that when we want someone we do everything that this little person note that we exist and are pleased it with everything what you ask for.

But he didn't do anything and already is almost a year. While the other when you are by my side even tries to make me laugh and laugh with me, I'm very confused do not be to do I feel like I'm going to be alone with no one, and shocked I see that the others are and I don't... What do I do!

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