Friday, April 29, 2016


If I had to define a word what was my relationship with Elena was madness. I met her just once she had ended a relationship of several years, was boring of all, had no enthusiasm for things and it was over quemadisima of that history. I had already a long single, had my stories, lived well, not going to far beyond anything, did not want commitments or ties. I knew girls, he spent it well and little else.

Elena I loved from the first moment that I saw her. I met her at a dinner with mutual friends and I thought it was a very nice and beautiful girl. We had already been in the afternoon for drinks and lengthen to dinner, so we had enough time to talk... That night, at a bar while we danced, we kiss. We had tonteado all afternoon and all night, it was pretty clear that we liked! After being one little longer out there with our mutual friends we went to his house, the rest of the night it are dedicated to the and it was amazing. Elena was pure passion, was boundless, and he loved me so out.

I don't know at what point of that first night we fall asleep. The next day we woke up and she was still pure passion. I went crazy. We started a pretty funny story, we went to dinner, we spent it well, and then always ended up in their House, she told me of your boring relationship and it was clear that he wanted to not think about anything and just have fun. And that's what we did, we hadn't anything having to do with "us" or a "relationship", nothing, stayed behind, we laughed, went to the movies and had no obligation.

It was good while it lasted, it was a couple of months... Every time we stayed less thing was cool, I guess it was what had to be and nothing else, but I remember it fondly, because Elena made me spend two intense months had never happened, got that she didn't think anything, that what happened me great whenever he was with her, and I think that also well came to her very to remove those ghosts that had This boredom and lack of passion that had been in it because of their previous relationship. Helped us much both of them.

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