Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pool Day... besitos, quien saluda...

My name Arlote, I have 19 years and I'm already married. My story began when I met my husband Frank Chuy, who did not live in the same city as me. We met at church, I look and I liked it, just the way I look and like each other, but that day he did not dare to speak.

My sister asked for her number to him ... they talked for a few days and knew I was his sister. I'm looking at the social networks, command requests all and I accept it, we talked a bit and then asked me for my number I just gave it, but did not know it was that boy who had seen.

Then he asked me if I remembered him ... for me it was so surprising that excites me and talked till 3:00 am. And it was the days and we kept talking until late, spent the months and so we continued. At 6 months of treating the asked me to be his girlfriend ... I accept it gladly ...!

At that time we spent many nice things, we went out together, for me were the best moments of my life, I felt so good to take him with my parents and our relationship became more formal. After a year our relationship grew so much that decided to get married ... We got married and for me that day was the happiest, I love him, he makes me immensely happy. Until today we are together we will turn 1 year married and I feel very lucky ... I feel I am blessed by God to give me such a wonderful husband like ... we are for each other and I am quite sure that love if and if there is happiness ...!

I hope to meet many more years beside the Love of my life ... He is my love!