Friday, March 4, 2016

Y si te beso en la boca.... πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


I met him in a chat, a boy who was too extroverted and funny, we became good friends by Messenger, until contact was wrong several friends, for which I finished attracted by a friend who stopped him and balls. Barely had 13 or 14 years pure innocence, I remember the good friendship we created, he sent me a very nice email when I turned my 15 years. He was a good friend who had a kilometers away, across the country.

In late 2009 he was bigger with 19, had love problems did not want to know anything about men, I liked at that time was a jerk in all its expression and one that loved not seen him but as a friend but he took it wrong, was having bad days, I started enfrascar in the Messenger to relieve tension, it was late, I remember, when he connected and greeted me as friendly as always, time did not know him. We spent one night talking and reminiscing. He described that moment as I felt electricity for the keyboard that attracted me to you, as when opposites attract.

From that moment he began to connect more followed the Messenger and chatting online for hours until we exchanged phone number, it was really comforting. But there was something that made connecting stop and was rare. One day I received bad news, the death of the father of a good friend, really sad went to be with my friends and spend all day with her. Upon returning late at night to my home, check a cell phone and had a message from him, asking how was that if I could call, glad I said yes. That night we talked a lot, so much that I downloaded the phone, I had to tell you tomorrow.

That became my friend whom I was supporting both everything it had, as well as me, we had a connection that really I can not explain, I was attracted to him, and it was not physical. But he disappeared again in early December, and I really thought that I could not depend on someone who only knew through a monitor or a phone, and that life could have, and went out with my friends and I met other people, but felt I needed it, it was rare to feel that.

He appeared with a message in Messenger, where he said he could not explain what was wrong with me, but I knew I appealed to him so much, that he felt he could not do without me, I was very aware that there was a distance between us (lives across the country), and I said I really did not care. That night we went freest and unburden us, he was too attentive I brightened immediately was really adorable had never been treated so well, and that was between calls, messages and internet, I always imagined what my side, so we talked a lot about so when we saw each other. I well remember the hours we spent talking on the phone.

and spent four months, very nice and let me beloved memories. All noticed my change of mind and everything owed him one day had a silly discussion was very chama and capricious, a companion to me and I wonder what was wrong and told heartbroken I did not like to be like him, she grabbed the phone number of the my cell phone and wrote a message that said many ugly things, the end was that they discussed and I had to be justice of the peace. A month things between us had changed, I was in college finals and working to save money and so see us. I had another attack of childhood in which wants desperately to see him and another time we had another discussion, where I had to leave camp for a subject for a weekend, I did not write at any time, I felt bad, I return the camp I wrote I and still nothing, I wrote later that night in which the excuse was that was working and believed me while I was in the camp was bothering me, we had another tremendous discussion ended. He was no longer the same between us.

My companion turned to me and in classes and assumed it was for him, which annoyed wrote on the wall Facebook horrible things that I myself told him I had to remove it, she did and just delete your facebook ...
I had no contact with him in a month and with this partner did not want to see.

He wrote me a month, we talked and disconsolate decided it was best to our lives as before.

Nearly five years later, I have a couple and a baby, he wrote me an email congratulating me for being the most beautiful mother and have the blessing of being a mother. I said in the email that I was always present in his thinking had stayed at a place of your saved mind that just because our destinies are not able to join, he did not want to stop my life. Reading this was wow! You know, no? I began to investigate and say that he was also a father and had couple.

And it does not end there, months after that mail a November 1st I received a request for acceptance BBPIN him and left me extremely surprised (he hated the pin) and timidly started talking but giving space to everyone, even in some sleepless nights go with me, again had back to my friend I ever had. I had problems with my partner for which I had to separate, and he gave me advice about my situation and how difficult it was to be a couple.

One day I wonder that because we had again this communication? I felt I could not stop talking about me? I had to be in communication with me? He even told me to come to see me, that if we look and if was fascinated with me? He believed a tree in the chest with me, because it did not feel like a splinter, which so maybe we were impossible ... we talked about it many nights, but only stayed about it, write ...

Today, we only have contact, because we realized that we are drawn in a supernatural way, but he already has a life made and do not really want to get into that, I do not like I did a thing . Well that's my story, I love that man even despite the time and is still in my mind at all times, was and will be my first love.