Tuesday, March 1, 2016

rico pa´ rico...

Every step when the secondary begins. I was with a boy were happy was my first boyfriend. Until one day I became friends with a guy bigger than me, we took a year and half. I saw him as a friend and he was in love with me and I did not know. We talked on the phone every night. For hours and hours I told him my stuff and theirs, but I never said that I looked cute. My friends knew I did not. I saw him every morning at school we were always together at recess he knew I had a boyfriend but did not care.

One day talking phone one tells me who their impossible love "platonic" and among those girls I was. When he told me I quicken the heart, without knowing what to say only laughed. After months talking I fight with my boyfriend because he said he talked a lot with this guy. And I liked this guy. I angrily said he accepted that good but that was wrong. When this guy found out that I had cut my boyfriend I take and I began to speak otherwise. I fell into his game and started something, something that was nothing but meant a lot, whenever we were in school sought excuses to talk to me, one day we were in my class at recess, and he was about to go to his room and before leaving my friends tell him to give me a kiss on the mouth.

I told you all red and I do not laughing gives it, I almost died I felt that the world slowed, I think that day was the happiest girl in the world. After a while we became boyfriends. I loved him and he was all I was all for it, I was the happiest girl was my being with him my whole world revolved around him was my boyfriend my love was my everything. He was the winner typical boy had been with many girls and was re-unfaithful but had not been with me after a long time I was unfaithful to forgive. He knew my family and I met his. I always went home and came to mine, we were happy together, but after a while we both were unfaithful. He was no longer the same, back and forth after I put her cousin. It was unforgivable, it is the day I follow with his cousin but forgave me. We still love him was my first love and I was his first love too. We love each other but there are things that we can not forgive. Although all have much to live and who says that we're together again ...

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