Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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The story I want to tell is how I met my girl, since I've always thought that it is a slightly different form of known...

Marta and I met in a nursing home. And we are not old men living a mature love, we are a young couple who "simply" was found in a very unusual place. Anyway, and even before this, I always thought that you can meet someone special where you least expect it you, as in this case...

Marta visited Tuesday to her grandmother who lived in the home, the same residence in which I had also to mine. I had never seen it until that day in which we agree on the elevator. I was surprised because in addition to being very pretty never had seen and was not very common to see young people out there...

We salute us no more and got each one on its plant to visit our respective grandmothers. Marta I loved from the beginning, at that time I did not know if it would come back to see, nor going every Tuesday, or anything about it. So the thing was there. They spent several weeks until I went back to see it, a Tuesday, in the elevator. This time I was pretty nervous and I wanted to say something, but I didn't know how to break the ice. At the end I asked the obvious: what about business? Shit, I thought, what an original... Her smile is and said: so more see me to doubt if live here? We laughed and I suddenly relaxed me. We arrived at his plant and he told me goodbye. And very skilful she said quietly: until Tuesday. Then at the time told me that he said it with every intention, hahaha...

The following Tuesday I went super ready to see her and talk to her. And there I was, at the same time, pretty as ever. We almost laughed when he saw us, and this time I had time to propose you be to take something then. She, all cool (is that had killed it!) told me that not and that if I wanted to on Tuesday coming could accompany it during the visit to his grandmother.

I was in colors but accepted, and next Tuesday, when we meet in the elevator, followed it to the room of his grandmother. There we spent a wonderful evening, a lovely grandmother and her hilarious, happy, optimistic and full of energy. Marta I loved every day.

Tuesday ritual was repeated week after week and went, adding also, visits to the room of my grandmother. I know it sounds weird, it was rare! It was super weird but I think that it was just so beautiful.

Well, in short so not you entertainment, in the end, after being so long, we were one day out of the residence. Me dying to embrace it and the first thing I did when we find ourselves at the door of the bar. She looked at me and kissed me, and since then we have not separated. It is the person that am happy every day, is vital and mischievous, our grandmothers made friends at the residence and now every Tuesday had a snack together four.



  2. Hola linda espero poder ablar con tigo eres muy hermosa