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Insurance auto auctions

Classes and types of insurance

By the type of risk:

1 personal
2. materials
3. heritage

By the type of insured:

1 individuals
2 business

By the number of insured persons:

1. individual
2. collective
By the kind of risk:

1 singles
2. industrial

By the type of raw material:

1. temporary
2. annuities
3. unique
4. periodic

By location:

1. land
2. maritime
3. air

Below and once made the classification we will define each of them in order to know to cover in each case:

Personal insurance cover the risks that affect the existence (life insurance) or the integrity of persons. At the same time we can be classified in:

1 life insurance: covers the risk of natural death or survival and disability.
2. accident insurance: covers the risk of disability or death resulting from an accident.
3 insurance: covers the costs of care in case of illness.
4 burial or funeral insurance: covers the funeral expenses to the heirs.

Material insurance cover damage to which they are subjected the objects and animals. At the same time we can be classified in:

1. fire insurance: covers damage caused by fire or as a result of the attempt to save them from the fire.
2. safe from theft: covers stolen items and damage caused as a result of the same.
3. transport insurance: covers damage during the transport of goods, means of transport as well as the content.
4. auto insurance: covers risks varied depending on the type of policy subscribed.
5. agricultural insurance: covers risks that affect agricultural, livestock and forestry holdings.

The property insurance cover the risks to which they are subject interests of the heritage of the insured. We can classify them into:

1. civil liability insurance: covers risks which can inadvertently cause damage to third parties. These in turn can be:

Family insurance: covers the risk of damage that may cause the policyholder, spouse, their minor children of age and/or family members who live with him.

Professional insurance: covers the risk of damage that may arise from the exercise of the profession.

Insurance products: covers the risks that may arise from products manufactured, distributed, sold, etc.

Business insurance: covers the risk of damage that may unintentionally cause a company in its normal activity.

Employer insurance: guarantees economic compensation that can derive from caused bodily injury to employees of the insured as a result of accidents at work.

Credit insurance: covers the insured in the insolvency of debtors.
Surety insurance: is intended to guarantee the payment of an obligation
Loss of profits insurance: covers damages or economic loss arising from a sinister businessman.
Private insurance covers the risks of persons, families, etc.
Business insurance covers risks that both employees and the company itself can be.
Individual insurance cover a single head, and in case you are more, they must be connected by a special bond.

Collective or group insurance protect a collective subject to the same risk although the policy hires it a single taker. It is necessary that there is a link between all members. The main collective insurances are life, accidents, disease and automobile, liability, etc.
Public insurance are those in which the State acts as an insurer.

They are normally mandatory insurance.

Private insurance are those in which the insurer is a joint-stock insurance company, mutual insurance or insurance cooperative. The majority of private insurances are voluntary.

Temporary insurance covers risks for a set period.

Industrial insurance refer to the risk of fire from companies of industrial character, factories, theatres, etc.

The temporary premium insurance indicate that premiums be paid during a given period.

Lifetime premium insurance indicate that the payment of the premium shall be carried out whenever the insured lives.

Single premium insurance indicate that the premium paid once.

Regular premium insurance indicate that the premium will pay during the entire duration of the policy.

Land insurance cover objects on Earth.

Marine insurance cover objects at sea.

Aerial insurance cover objects in the air.

We can also meet with a form of insurance known as combined insurance, which are those that grouped various insurance and therefore cover various risks a u

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