Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tengo 21 aรฑos, ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Conoce mas de mi!๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

It was something inexplicable to what happened, I fell in love so fast it to us how to explain it...

It is something very sweet and tender at the same time, something like being in a trance (think that is being in love).

Well, began as one day, my friend Alexander brought to their premiums for the party of a friend in common, that day I left impregnated in his eyes, but, what more I fell in love with that day was a sweet, tender, smile as if to say: Hello, I'm here to be a part of your life. She called Alessandri and beautiful as its name. One day we went to a party group with my friends and Alejandro took their bonuses, and it was she, the brightest star, I will never forget that night.

There at that party I was which put the music and didn't see much, but after a few drinks I went to her and said: I like Alessandri. She found it weird, it told me that it was cause of alcohol that made me say that, but ultimately felt that I just wanted it and no one as I cared, then a drinks then went to his sister and I told her to Alessandri liked thing that didn't like her and a little with me was upset because he had still been the second day that knew her. They spent a few days and he spoke with Alessandri phase but nothing was already equal, had bothered by what happened at the party.

A few days ago I could feel that truly loved her, he told me that I had to go to his house, which is very far from the mรญa(es que se habรญa quedado en casa de una tรญa que vive en el mismo distrito que yo), and I felt like they gritted my heart, hurt much and almost shed some tears.

A day before you go I told her sister what felt by Alessandri and his sister thought that it was just a simple taste, but taste is quickly forgotten and I know that I would not change it by anyone or for nothing because I feel it is something that everyone has ever felt that feeling that makes you to be close to someone no matter you nothing and with a smile of her happy life. His sister told me to know it better and that was very consistent on your part, and so far I'm struggling for her, because I don't want to lose it ever in my life and I feel calmer because she knows what I am and I cannot hide anything.