Saturday, February 20, 2016


he flower called WomanIt's like springnot expected to bloom,best days to arrive;all full of colors,flourishing his chimera.He has music in his soulIt is feminine and strong,even facing deathrises courageous,on a rainy eveningIt gives sun to welcome you.He has great wisdomIt comprising all at once,leaves the world more radiant;In his days he is marking,takes the star shinefor all the walkers.Always it seems tirelesshis mood never ends,It seems divine essencepeace love and tenderness;triumphant seeksIt is a flower that sprouts!

It is very large womanthose who fearlesslystruggle and feeds,their children with love!Which with great humilityHe works with honesty,without prosperityuntil old age.Babysitting, clean floorsand the pay is low and poor,because many sleepless nights,that its mine life and cove.They call her a bitch in actionwhich is enlisted in the mudthey know their reason,She supports her children alone ...They are brave to give birthworking pregnant,They do not crack to liveabandoned without support.Nurses and teachers,cooks and executive,faithful collaboratorsEven sick are active!They are warrior womenThey do not dare to judge,they are delivered wholeWe must admire!
Bright as the sun, since you are born,you are light, you are water, you're ideain your eyes and hands is recreatedideals of struggle and peace.
It will curdle love without masksyour sweet heart when he fights,Warrior! about injustice flashescourage your sword ... You are reborn !.
Who is like your wife is strength?adversity unremitting struggles,and give your family well-being.
Maybe your body to lose its beauty,but your "weak side" does not give leagueeven if you feel thorns walking.

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