Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cuantos en Casita | Disfrutame 👆🏼👇🏼

Latinas are recognized worldwide for their particular characteristics. But what distinguishes us Latinas? From cultural events such as the passion for dancing to the undeniable beauty of the Latin body.

Latino and beauty

It has always been said that a Latin body is the body that has a pronounced hip. The image of America is usually associated with sensuality, generous curves, long hair and neat and hair and skin color darker than Caucasian women may have. In general, they are also lower than women of other races, matching with Asian.

Most of the Miss Universe Latina women have traditionally been, since its undeniable beauty overcomes the world.

Often this is associated not only with perfect features or sculpted body, but also how to be of Latino women, who generally looks very careful to be always beautiful.

From the gym and balanced diet, through the set-dressed clothes, shoes tacón-, through excessive hair care and skin, and reaching a natural but very flattering makeup, Latinas are more women They care about their appearance.

In addition, Latinas are often classified as more sensual and playful by men. Overall are reputed to be better at sex, but also in the conquest and romantic relationships, but we will discuss later. Latinas are fiery, from our way of dancing to our cadence to move suggests that we have an innate sensuality.

Latinas and their way of being

A Latino is often described as the loving women, sweet and very nice. They are known for their joy and dance very well, but obviously not all know salsa and samba.

Latina women have a stronger and more decisive than in other parts of the world, as well as screaming and generally more effusive character. But it also distinguishes them because they are less cold than in other parts of the world, and that makes us more endearing.

Also, you are recognized for being sweeter and delivered in relationships, more caring and more fiery when Love.

Perhaps the paradigm of the Latin woman plays the character of Gloria in the TV series Modern Family: a beautiful, lush, happy with a very particular sense of humor and a strong-willed woman.

For you, what distinguishes us from the rest of Latin women in the world?

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