Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tengo 20 años y busco amigos... Agregame.


That they want to tell is about now I call my best friend. Finally I was in primary and he came almost finishing the year.

It was on February 16, two days after Valentine's Day. We were talking the whole class on a project when the director came in with a new boy. It was very cute. I spoke little even once touched me help on a project. I realized that I loved. After a few weeks the teacher assigned us new places and wanting me to play with him and it was. We became friends and we even put them play several times and always agorándonos. I realized I was in love.

He finished the year and entered first and saw there a few times. I liked several boys during that year but still loved that special child. Almost I am ending the year I discovered that he was dating one of my friends. I was heartbroken but I accepted. And every time I watched it together dying inside.

We entered and they still came out second. And until one day my friend showed me a photo of them kissing and that's where that how much I loved him out, because he felt a deep sadness within me. At the end of that year they ended because my friend was moving to town. And as finished think it was fate, because now he and I are together every day at school in a mentoring program.

But today is my best friend likes him. One day at her house she confessed that she loved him. All that time we were together all three. He and I always tum into a small room in the gym and turn off our lights and we began to play, to beat us and so, until one day but came almost kissed my friend.

We entered a third and even more we get together, I was occasionally home and his parents knew me. At his father he fell very well but I do not think the same about her mother. Since there was nothing between us since I had my first boyfriend and he apparently got jealous because every day my boyfriend accompanied me to the bus and "My Best Friend" and I lived close we were together in the truck.

When my boyfriend took me to wait for the truck, and if my "best friend" was there and we werent told my boyfriend that I should stop "playing" he said, and now when my boyfriend and I broke up after a few days I he said he wanted to take him back.

When I told my "best friend" what he thought about it he told me not to come with him because he was an idiot. And he asked me if I really wanted and I said I did not know. After all, I did not go back with him and every time my "best friend" and hoped the truck my ex watched us from afar and just smiled and hugged me and once gave me a big kiss on the cheek. It was so beautiful to me.

But still nothing happened, he had his girlfriend and dying of jealousy and mourn not stop even after I cut my arms because I saw them kissing. After it ended and I became good friends. And we told him everything and told me he still loved girlfriend that I had, which was my friend and moved.

I had my second boyfriend, he was not of that school but looking in box. My friend told him about my boyfriend and he asked me if it was true. He said he did not think I wanted to another and when told why only silent.

While I cut with my boyfriend and when I told my "best friend" just he was happy. And then he went to another and I was quite jealous, and the problem is they could not hide. He realized my jealousy and just laughed. When he got to her she told me never loved her, only attracted him, but no more.

I still feel something very strong for him. And somehow I feel it too. Now we play the role of "Best friends jealous" but at some future'll wait with love.


  1. Bellas, hermosas, sexys y ardientes. mmmmm me encantan son preciosas



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  5. Hola princesa, de donde eres?

  6. Hola princesa, de donde eres?