Thursday, February 18, 2016

Manchester United fans may have to 'do a Liverpool' over ticket prices

Supporters who have made the trek over to Denmark for Thursday's Europa League tie are unhappy with the home side's decision to triple the cost of tickets for the match.

HERNING, Denmark -- Traveling Manchester United fans have hit out at FC Midtjylland’s decision to charge visiting supporters 71 pounds ($102) per ticket for Thursday’s Europa League clash.

United followers have still traveled in numbers to Denmark despite a £49 price hike from the £22 ticket cost when Southampton visited the MCH Arena in the same competition earlier this season.

But a number have voiced their displeasure at being asked to fork out more than three times the figure Saints fans paid for their lengthy trip in August.

“The travel cost is part of the trip so I don’t really bring that into the ticket money, but it’s the £49 difference that’s a bit of a joke,” said Kieran, a United fan traveling over from the UK. “It might be the biggest game in their history but we’ve never heard of them.”

He added that the recent walkout by Liverpool fans protesting over ticket prices is a sign that football needs to address this growing issue.

“We don’t want to compare ourselves to the Scousers, but fair play to what they’ve done in walking out. A £49 difference in a few months isn’t the best is it?”

But while some fans’ pockets have best tested by the face value, others have traveled to the Danish town of Herning prepared to pay far in excess of that figure.

“We’ve come over without tickets and will try to get some, but some people have said they’re going for about £500 on the black market,” one fan told Goal of his group of four travelers.

“I think they know that with our massive following in Scandinavia we’ll always sell out regardless of how much they try to charge.”

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