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The year ending was quite profitable for Mariluz Bermudez Costa Rican actress, who for 6 years lies in Ciudad de Mexico. This was not only for participation in its fifth telenovela with Televisa, Lying to live, but because her breath to millions of readers of the Mexican men's magazine M, which is very popular in that country and the United States .

The policy was also front and 39 internal to herself devoured pages, showing their heart-stopping curves in a very sensual session, but attention to detail.

The results of this exhibition, which has more plans in this 2014 will be counted Viva, taking advantage of his visit to Costa Rica.

How to describe, in the workplace, the year closed?

Very Good, they achieved many goals and many things happened that I did not expect. The novel I recorded (Lying to live) in what my character and paste it took (she played the villain Marilú Tapia), and the surprise of some projects and others took to come became.

One of those surprises was out at the men's magazine H of Mexico, how summarizes the experience and if it cost him to accept?

The magazine has a long reach, is one of the most sold and distributed throughout Mexico and the United States. They took pictures of mine size, and placed in stalls where the magazine was sold. Why did I agree? At first I was nervous if I did or not because I did not want to teach more, but ultimately Notmusa publisher, responsible for H behaved super cute with me. They gave me freedom to say where do the photos, what kind of poses, how clothes. I had no problem.

Is the most sensual session that you have made in your life?

Yes. Although I here in Costa Rica modeled, I did some similar pictures, but never with a production well. I looked around, hair, makeup, lingerie ...
How he took advantage of that advertising window?

I got a lot of exposure. Not only in Mexico but in the United States because Univision is going primetime novel, and thus more people knew me. With other projects that came out and yes it was very wise decision. In addition, the photos are beautifully maintained, can not see anything. Other girls who have come out have shown a little more skin, but everyone decides how much to teach. There should be no vulgarity that has turned sensuality and think.

Would you pose for that?

It depends on when and where the project is, but do not close the doors. Needless to say no.

In the interview with H commented that having partner. How are you on issues of love?

I can only say I'm happy, happy and peaceful.

It was completed Lying to live in Mexico. It is his fifth novel, what conclusions out of their performance in this production?

It was the second time working with producer Rosy Ocampo (Chameleons). Glad they believe in me again. I got a paper made a difference in my career, an acting growth. The drastic change in the plot to be good to become completely villainous, actoralmente helped me find a different perspective to not be the same villain forever, or not copy other stereotypes in that role. With a coach you have action, create something different for people to remember this villain.

How the five novels he has done was there that he learned more?

Yes! I learned to exploit a little more my acting ability. I forced myself to say: A two, or stay flat and do the typical villain, or I out of line, the state of comfort and go further.

What was the hardest scene you did in that frame?

(Laughter) A bed scene! They are complicated because you have to see real, focusing on the character. We were guided by a very good director, he marked us the scene and listened to what was coming pointer. It was cortita.

What do you like more, recreating a villain or a good girl?

I like being a villain, because they are things I would not do in real life. By the way it gets good these days here in Costa Rica, I had so much fun doing crazy (passed by the Canal de las Estrellas from Monday to Friday at 7:15 p. M.).

What's next for Mariluz in terms of projects and novels? Do you have to wait for the call or is already advanced plans?

I have to go back to make some castings, but is almost certainly a soap opera out there, it is in advanced talks. Besides I have another project outside what the novels. But I can not say anything yet signed contract.

How have you managed to survive in an environment where competition is very intense in Mexico?

You have to pay dues. Yes, there are certain things you have to endure while you adapt, you will not treat a person like that and takes time on this.

Have you ever cried because things would not come?

Yes, many times I cried. There are moments of frustration, anger many things. Sometimes everything comes together and when you finish a project you despair and you want to start another run. Time taught me to stay calm. To say, 'Relax, God will repair job.'

With which of the other policies rooted in Mexico have contact?

The more contact I have is with Karla Gómez Telehit and Maribel Guardia.

Your next challenge is to find a leading role?

It is not easy, things come at a time when they have to go. I think, rather, that the characters seek one. As they say in Mexico, "What's for you, even if you take off" ...

What advice can you give to someone who wants to be encouraged to follow suit outside the country?

First you have to have God in your heart and a foot stuck in the ground, or a family that keeps you down-to-earth. After having discipline, the urge to fight and succeed, that leads to sacrifice things, but if you really want this, no time to surrender.

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