Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola quien me acompaña en la playa..!!

Today crossed my mind, the idea of ​​writing our history, our journey, at least for a few months and our story begins:

One day my cousin writes me whatsapp and tells me he wants to go to the pool at the clubhouse, I agree and plan the day and invite two of my friends, the day came, it was in the month of November, we went and got the club hope my cousin and we were sitting there waiting for a supposed friend was missing to come, waited a long time and still did not arrive, Junior (my cousin), decided to call it despair in us, I call and told him he was already step a while and finally came, not notice or do not remember there even greeted, we only went to the pool, we had cravings for bathing, we moved and got a bathing suit and went out to get us to the pool when we were inside, I could see the boy, which my cousin had introduced him as '' Mini '' was a bit isolated without talking to anyone, sitting on the edge of the pool.

I do not know why I bothered, so I decided to get closer to speak, when I get my face to look at her legs which by their bermuda were exposed full of hairs just I said:

"Oh, how many hairs me !, and I like to pull them" (it was silly, do not understand why I said it), and his expression was alone:
"Yes, but I do not hales." Inside me said:
"What a hideous!"

I was only me and leave it there, so I finish the afternoon, bypassing other words, when we decided to leave, he came over and Junior told me give your whatsapp, I immediately look Stefan (friend) and I thought he meant it, I felt something strange, nonsense, I did not like what he said, but why ?, if he do not care, then we went, each on his side, I do not think much of it.
At night I get a message from a number that I have registered, I say hello answering his greeting and I'm intrigued to know who he is, tells me it's Mini which was in the pool, wanted to be aggregated with the same name (I like to add my contacts by name) told me that if I wanted to and I agreed, we started talking and talking, then we had something in common: we both had gone super bad in love, and that was our theme talk, past relationships, spite and bad we had tried.

For some reason did not want to get too involved, I simply answer short and without much confidence things, between words and words I said the singing, which hence its nickname: Mini, I said I had not heard him and sent me some of their songs, heard and liked, that it will express and nothing and spent the day talking normally, then we stopped talking and without reason, until one day look at my contact list and I see him, I decided to write and tell him he had thrown me, I no longer spoke, he said he thought justified and I did not want to talk and I said that from that day I always talk, and it was no day not to talk.

December came and as I went on holiday with my family and so did he, on opposite sides of the country, he in La Vega - Jarbaca and in Santo Domingo, still did not stop our conversations each day were more interesting, you He loved send voice notes, when I went to sleep and I every day I used, spent vacation time and he was already at home, then too, but none of us decided to try der ourselves, each of us was interesting conversation and we were always looking for what is common to both, which is typical for two people who like each other.
But it was not until the day January 16, 2015 when we decided to see us in the same place where we met, I asked my cousin Jasmine accompany me, I remember that long in coming, and when I met him, Jasmine was desperate, then arrived, I remember that day fell a tremendous rain did not stop raining, we could not even swim, were in a sitting kiosk, when suddenly I stop and he puts me in front of him and asks me a kiss, I agree and give it was inexplicable, even I sigh as I remember, was the shortest the most tender kiss, but then we moved and continue with the kisses were addictive in a moment gave me cold and he takes his towel and wraps and me look, I cold and warm laughs and says:

"Here, the towel was for you, I only got to see you said."

As the water fell, we were talking, once I asked me what I liked to do, I told him to read, he said but together, and came up you would like us to read daubs, when the water would stop falling slightly, we decided it was time to leave, but I did not want to, I wanted to stay there, because time does not matter, but my cousin could not stand the desire to leave, we both took our way, but in my mind there was only room for that kiss, that kiss that left me impressed, feeling those lips on mine, was as if both will shape and fit perfectly, never happened.

I got home, I took off my clothes wet from the rain, I did a few things and went to bed, my mind wanted to know what it felt but could not, and whether he likes it or not, after that our conversations not were the same, there were feelings involved, but both did not accept the fact that we were falling in love, he because he had a past and a fatal experience, I often told me what he suffered and no longer believed in feelings, and because did not want to suffer, this left it clear that if we had something would only be an affair of time, as would any Dominican, "a bite", and at first for me was fine, no suffering, nothing serious, no problems, but not knowing that would be the worst thing would accept, and so we, all right, but always trying not to get too involved, but that the problems started, we started to fall in love and sometimes we exited the attitude of boyfriends when I always remind him not we had nothing, and I began jealousy firm told him that we had nothing, but inside I was dying because we had something, my cousin asked me and said:

"He likes you, you're in love."

I flatly refused, he said no, it was a fad, but both were falling deeply and we could not help it.
It was up to March 6, 2015 when we decided to be engaged, although we already tried that, we wanted to formalize, he asked me himself in his study, sociable so much that we had done, but that day we were dating, our relationship began die for our first kiss (January 16), from these months was knowing and being happy, I met his mother, his family altogether, but I was afraid to present it at home, because previously had, several times we enojábamos by this issue, but the May 16, 2015 decided that it was time, nerves were killing me, and rapid pace that was inexplicable, and from that, from that first kiss I've lived many moments with him, I have lived experiences that never live with anyone and I was the happiest woman, and I know there will be many pages to write in the future, because God knows that this story begins.

Today, we have five months of dating, the best five months of my own history no doubt. Actually supports me at all costs, sometimes I do get angry and that this sad, but above all that he loves me, and I demonstrated, he has taught me that there is no difference because I'm very self-conscious and suspicious but over I have learned that when more like a real person, there is nothing to be ashamed let alone nothing to fear, and now here I am more in love, I could not be more happy and proud, I think I'm going to explode and throw confetti with so much joy that this little person gives me, I would not see when I lose it, I do not even try to think, much less if it's one of my idiocy, sometimes I tell God when I'm alone, that he always knows that I love him, and will never, never be unfaithful, nor betray their trust, that would be the worst thing I could commit, never would, how, if I love him with every cell in my body, vece I can be intolerable and hateful, but never spent more than a tantrum, I know you may read this, but do not think I wrote this because you were going to read, on the contrary, all this from the beginning to the end is the truth, my feelings, everything that I felt since I met you.

I hope that these few words have liked, and you know how I feel about you.

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